Summer Food

Summer is the period when high temperatures are concentrated and days are longer. Because of the high temperature there is a decrease in basal metabolism, because at this stage the body tries hard to maintain the internal temperature of the body. As the body in this period concentrates much energy in the maintenance of body temperature is important to know how to consume foods that will not interfere with the energy for digestion.

The feeling of malaise that harms many people in the summer occurs by diverting energy into digestion, making digestion slow and body temperature vulnerable. During this period there is also a great loss of fluid through sweat, making the body dehydrate more easily.

Therefore, it is necessary to change some habits in this period so that the functioning of the organism occurs correctly, as the reduction of salt consumption, the substitution of fatty and heavy foods for fruits, vegetables and vegetables, the exchange of the ice cream by the popsicle of fruit, the intake of cereals, tubers and lean meats, as well as the use of vegetable fat. It is advisable to drink a lot of liquid before you are thirsty, because thirst is a sign that the body has already begun the process of dehydration. Prefer cold drinks because the temperature influences the absorption faster and avoid soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. It is important to make at least three meals a day, with variations of food so that the functioning of the body is not compromised.